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Early Life

On 19th April, 1987,  I was born in surat, Gujarat. Throughout my school and college life, I was more enthusiastic about cricket than anything else. I aspired to be a cricketer some day and music was probably the last thing on my mind.

In College though, my friends encouraged me to sing. I took part in many singing competitions in college and won them. I was boosted by these competitions and decided to record from my own pocket money. That’s how “prem” happened. The song “Prem” was recorded by Robins as part of a band. However, the band called “Robins” soon went their separate ways even before the release of their first album. The song and the video were surrounded by a lot of controversies. Amongst all the uncertainty, I decided to continue my career as a solo artist. Many believed that a non-existent artist that has one song to my credit would not be able to survive on my own. I was determined to prove everyone wrong.

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